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EAB People

Many people play a role in promoting Esperanto in the UK, and it is not possible to list them all. However, on this page we do list the trustees, staff, and those volunteers who co-ordinate some of the major functions.

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EAB Staff

Viv O'Dunne:
Director of Operations and Events, Editor of EAB Update
Viv O'Dunne
Emma Hudson:
EAB Admin Assistant
Office administration, book sales, information packs, enquiries, etc.
Emma Hundson
Angela Tellier:
Coordinator for Research and Development
Angela Tellier

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EAB Trustees

Paul Gubbins:
president; UEA komitatano A (representing EAB in the World Esperanto Association)
Paul Gubbins
Edmund Grimley Evans:
vice president; publications, copyright
Edmund Grimley Evans
Clare Hunter:
hon. treasurer
Clare Hunter
Tim Owen:
Hon. Secretary, websites, periodicals, internet (hosting), NoJEF secretary
Tim Owen
Ed Robertson:
Ed Robertson
Michael Seaton:
Michael Seaton

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Other EAB volunteer roles

Many members make invaluable contributions to EAB through their volunteer work. This list only shows a few of those roles.

John Wells:
hon. president
John Wells
Geoffrey King:
hon. librarian
Librarian for the Butler Library
Geoffrey King
Paul Gubbins:
editor of La Brita Esperantisto
Paul Gubbins
Simon Davies:
compiler of La Brita Esperantisto
including the LBE website and archive pages
Simon Davies
Bill (aka Vilĉjo) Walker:
editor of EAB Website (although EAB's website is a collaborative effort and many volunteers maintain different parts of it).
Bill Walker