Free lessons with a very experienced teacher

Maybe you've started learning Esperanto on Duolingo or Lernu and want to start speaking it. The Esperanto Association of Britain is hosting a special session in London for people like you. And it's free! No pressure; just other learners at your level, with the support of an experienced teacher.

You'll also be able to meet people who used to be learners themselves because in another classroom there will be a session for people who have made a bit more progress. A group of local Esperanto speakers will also be happy to see you in a pub in the evening, if you'd like to visit and meet some people who are fluent in the language.


Brief Info

Here are a few details to help you find us:


The sessions take place from 11:00 to 17:00 on March 10 and May 12.


112 Great Russell Street, Fitzrovia
London WC1B 3NQ


Anna Lowenstein, who has spoken Esperanto in dozens of countries over several decades and has many years' teaching experience under her belt, will lead these sessions.

Travel Info

The nearest tube stations are Euston and Warren Street.

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