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    17 October 2019 18:30      19:30

    This event repeats every week on Thursday until 23/06/20

    If you are learning Esperanto with Duolingo, Lernu.net or self-learning, this is the best place in London to come, learn even more and practise your language with fellow learners in the area.
    When? Every Thursday
    How long? One hour
    Where? In Islington just a few minutes' walk away from Highbury and Islington tube station
    Cost? The lesson itself is free but we ask each participant to pay £1 at every meeting to cover the costs of heating, lighting etc
    Level? This is a group for beginners and post-beginners
    More info? Please visit our website: https://northlondonesperanto.com
    Any other questions? Simply email: londonesperanto@gmail.com
    Please note that in order to open the gate of the building you will need to key in a code so don't forget to email us if you're interested in coming so that we can give it to you.
    Looking forward to meeting you ?

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    22 October 2021 18:00      19:30

    This event repeats every week forever

    La Londona Esperanto-Klubo kunsidas, por prelego kaj/aŭ neformala diskuto.
    (Dum la virusa pandemio, kunsidoj estas virtualaj, per Zoom.)
    Trovu la plej ĝisdatan programon de kunsidoj, kaj detaloj kiel aliĝi, ĉe la kluba retejo: esperanto.org/lek

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