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We're the Esperanto Association of Britain.

We’re a charity which has the aim of providing education to people in and about Esperanto.

Registered charity 272676 | Our formal documentation

We do this in several ways.

We run FREE courses, for example.

Most of these are in group situations with learners who are at a similar level.

See our full range of FREE classroom courses

Our more experienced learners can sit comfortably and discuss things with each other and a teacher to help improve their conversational ability.

This is a session of our Postplu course

We also offer one-on-one tuition.

We offer distance learning at ranges from total beginner to advanced

But that's not all...

We offer people the use of a Meetup account.

making it easier for them to organise local get-togethers without having to foot the bill themselves.

See our meetup groups

We have a scheme helping people who have never before been to an Esperanto event abroad to participate in Somera Esperanto-Studado,

a nine-day event in beautiful Slovakia,

where learners of all levels get Esperanto classes in the mornings,

excursions in the afternoon,

and fun and games in the evenings.

And Esperanto is the only language spoken there.

It’s true immersion!

We also run a scheme helping people get recognised accreditation in Esperanto

by supporting sessions of exams using the Common European Framework of Reference

and refunding people their costs if they’re successful.

(They are. Nobody has ever failed.)

As well as proposing our own exams just to help learners gauge how well they're doing.

Have a look at some specimen exam papers

We run a bookshop

selling learning materials and literature in Esperanto.

Visit our online store to find something for yourself

We also hold an annual conference

-- the largest event for Esperanto speakers in this country.

Find out more on the conference's site

And our members receive our magazine La Brita Esperantisto.

It's written only in Esperanto

and has been published since 1905.

They also receive our newsletter, Update

So, you know what we do. But what else is there?

We're based in beautiful Barlaston, Staffordshire.

Our HQ is also home to our library, the Butler Library

which holds thousands of books and other artefacts spanning the more than a century of Esperanto literature.

We’re run by our trustees,

Meet the trustees

our staff,

Meet our staff

and with the help of our volunteers.

Meet some of our volunteers and see whether there's a role you could help with

So, now you've met us and seen what we do,

maybe you'd like to support us.

Join EAB!

Click here to register a free account with us. You can support our work by joining EAB for £25.

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