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About the Esperanto Association of Britain

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Frequently Asked Questions About Esperanto

  • What is Esperanto?

    Esperanto is a planned language, designed for use in international communication between people from different language backgrounds. It stands unique among planned languages in that it is the only one to have developed a community of speakers and a wealth of original literature.

    Wikipedia article on Esperanto | A summary of Esperanto on the site esperanto.net | A downloadable booklet Discover Esperanto

  • Are there native Esperanto speakers?

    Esperanto speakers can fall in love with other Esperanto speakers and have been doing so since the language initially appeared; the first Esperanto wedding took place in 1889 when Valdemar Langlet, from Sweden, and Signe Blomberg, from Finland, married.

    Esperanto may well be the language which these couples use in their homes, particularly if they don't have another in common. If they start a family later, the children have access to it as one of their native languages, alongside their parents', their community's and so on.

    Wikipedia article on native Esperanto speakers

Please contact us if you have any other questions. We'd be happy to help.

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