EAB News 2010-07-17: Esperanto Scouts

Esperanto Scouts prepare for their 2018 Jubilee

The Scout Esperanto League is preparing a new strategic action plan to commemorate the league's 100th anniversary in 2018. The league of Esperanto-speaking scouts plans to re-enliven its activities and offer new program proposals to the scouting movement, promoting diversity through the use if the international language Esperanto.

SEL, the oldest international scouting organisation, plans activities in the fields of information (about Esperanto in national scouting movements this year), training (offering seminars for new volunteers in 2011) and application (the international scout camp in 2012). SEL is seeking Esperantists, who are current or former scouts, and who would like to collaborate locally with national scouts associations or internationally within SEL.

If you would like to know more, please visit http://esperanto.org/skolta or write to SEL.Reaktivigogmail.com to receive more information.

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