The Esperanto Association of Britain runs a variety of events during the year

We have weekend courses for beginners and post-beginners in friendly surroundings, plus others for people with a bit more experience. Our annual conference is the place where you get to immerse yourself in Esperanto and meet fellow Esperanto-speakers.

Most of our courses take place free of charge at Esperanto House in Barlaston, Staffordshire. Both of our classrooms there are equipped with screens, projectors and sound systems, and you'll be surrounded by over 120 years of Esperanto history and culture courtesy of the 18,000-volume Butler Library, and will be able to make use of our bookshop.

 Age restrictions: Although the content of our courses is suitable for all, we regret that we cannot currently have under-18s participating in any of our events from Esperanto House.

Lernu / Lernu Plu

If you're a beginner looking to take your first steps into Esperanto waters, EAB's weekend course Lernu is the one for you. Lernu Plu is the place to be if you already have the basics under control and want to aim a little higher, maybe answering questions in full sentences or even stringing several together.

Our courses take place at Esperanto House in Barlaston, Staffordshire, where you'll be surrounded by over 120 years of Esperanto history and culture, and be able to make purchases from our bookshop. Our next session is free on 29/30 September, with a further weekend of Lernu Plu alongside Postplu on 10/11 November.


Ni ĝojis konstati, ke kelkaj veteranoj de nia kurso Lernu Plu nun sufiĉe bone kapablas paroli kaj tro progresis por reveni tien. Postplu estas nia provo starigi unutagan sesion pli taŭgan por tiuj progresantoj kaj homoj tiaj.

La venonta unutaga sesio okazos en Londono la 22an de septembro. Barlastono unuafoje okazigos semajnfinan Postplu la 10/11-an de novembro.

One-day beginners' courses in London

Like Lernu Plu but in London, running alongside Postplu. If you've already started learning Esperanto but haven't yet really had the chance to speak it our loud, then this is the session for you!

New learners in London!

The London Esperanto Club is opening its doors to welcome new learners and will be be running language classes prior to its regular meetings. These are free and you could even stop on afterwards to meet real-life Esperantists and practise what you've learned!

They meet every Tuesday evening in Highbury (Islington) and every two weeks at the Diorama Arts Studio, not far from Euston and Warren Street.


Dum pli ol 50 jaroj okazis la somerlernejo dum Aŭgusta semajno. Ĉi-jare ni starigas la eventon senpage dum semajnfino ĉe Esperanto-Domo en Barlaston, por pli faciligi partoprenadon por pli da homoj.

Jack Warren gvidos kurson por meznivelaj studentoj, dum la pli spertaj parolantoj restos en la kapablaj manoj de Ed Robertson por studi iom da la esperantaj literaturo kaj historio. Somerlernejo okazos de la 18a ĝis la 19a de Aŭgusto.

And if you haven't yet learned Esperanto and want to give it a try from home ...

If you haven't yet tried learning Esperanto, why not give the new course on Duolingo a try? Join the over one million people who have started using it since it was launched in May 2015.

You can also learn Esperanto online in English and several other languages using the most popular platform for the job, Lernu. Find tuition, exercises, exams and support forums.

Our events Lernu and Lernu Plu aren't associated with the original Lernu. We're grateful to Erin and her colleagues for allowing us to use their name for our event.

If you're under 25 and resident in the United Kingdom, then you're eligible for funding to get your costs covered (including travel and accommodation) to attend Esperanto events. Contact us prior to booking if you're interested.