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We're setting up a Book Club! It's still a work-in-progress.

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  2. Bonvenon al la diskut-temo pri la unua libro, kiun ni esploros en nia klubo. Temas pri Ĉu vi konas Blaise Cendrars? de Manuel de Seabra: Ni komencos legi la libron en septembro!
  3. Hi all, En la kolekto, Originala Literaturo, mi vidis la libron 'La tago kiam Jesuo perfidis Judason’. Mi jam havas tiun libron, do eble ni povas meti ĝin en la listo de legotaj libroj, post 'Ĉu vi konas Blaise Cendrars?’’.. Se neniu el vi jam havas la aliajn librojn, kiujn Tim priparolis, kaj vi volas aĉeti unu-du librojn, kial ne aĉeti 'Ĉu vi konas..' kaj 'La tago kiam..."? Verŝajne mi aĉetos ankaŭ la du unuajn librojn en la listo de Tim venontan semajnfinon kiam mi estas en Barlastono. 'la-fotoalbumo -unua-volumo' 'la-fotoalbumo -dua-volumo' Amike MaŭRico
  4. Vilĉjo Walker

    So ... what do we do?

    I agree with Rico - let's aim to read certain parts of the book at around same time (or - in time for an agreed deadline). Otherwise, it will be difficult to discuss topics/events which only some of us have read about, and there's a risk of the discussion giving away "spoilers" to the folks who haven't got that far yet. - Vilĉjo
  5. Hi @Tim It's great that we have this new reading club / reading group. Personally, I'm very much in the "I want to read books" camp as opposed to the "I want to spend lots of time talking about, discussing or writing in forums about books" camp. Unfortunately, I will not have the time to do much peripheral activity, besides actually reading the books. (and I know what I'm like. Look at me now: I'm supposed to be sending out invoices / chasing clients today and here I am, dealing with Esperanto...). In response to your questions: -I definitely vote for 'one thread per book'. The fewer, the better. -Definitely Esperanto. For me, that's the whole point. However, I don't want to impose this on anyone. -Yes, let's try (at least) to read certain parts of the book at the same time and then have questions about the content, maybe the language, words used, new words learnt etc. That could be quite fun and a good use of the forum thread maybe. Finally, I normally read two-three books at the same time and have a 'waiting list' going on so I hope some of those books in the list can make it to the group list. 🙂 Amike, Rico
  6. I don't know how book clubs are supposed to work, so we need to work out what we do after getting our hands on book 1, @Rico, @Jack Warren, @simone davis and @Vilĉjo Walker. To prevent things getting cluttered, do we post in one thread per book or create a new thread at every check-in point? The former is probably neater, I think. Which language do we use? Both, as required? I don't want new people to feel left out but it might also be useful for people to type in Esperanto about a particular subject. Do we say something like 'The aim is to read from page X to page Y by such-and-such a date?' What happens next? Does the Club Leader (currently me but happy to stand aside for someone else) set some questions about the content, having already read ahead?

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