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    We're very happy to share the information that the Universala Kongreso de Esperanto will be coming to our country in 2021! The venue will be Queen’s University, Belfast with the UK running from July 17 to 24! We're two years (and two UKs) away from the event so there isn't currently anything else to report. Keep the date free in your diaries and stay tuned for more!
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    Elections for trusteeship were held at today's AGM. All seven candidates were elected. Name (for/against/abstain) Ian Carter (43/5/3) Edmund Grimley Evans (48/0/3) Clare Hunter (50/1/0) Damon Lord (44/3/4) Lajo Miller (42/3/6) Ed Robertson (48/3/0) Richard Smith (45/1/5) Ian Carter was re-elected president of EAB.
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    There are no two ways around it; if you're going to learn Esperanto, you're going to need a dictionary. But where do you find them? Which ones are the best? Are there paper ones? Online? We've added a page to our Resources section which answers all those questions and more, plus provides links to recommended dictionaries. We hope you find it useful!
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    We've got good news for our new learners! Two very popular teachers have confirmed dates for sessions at Barlaston on February 9 and 10. Ariel Bonkorpa (Lernu) and Tim Morley (Lernu Plu) will be pleased to welcome friends new and old to their FREE sessions at EAB's headquarters. Details
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    You wait for a launch and then two come at once! It's not only EAB's new site which has taken off this week. Over sixty years after the publication of the revered Teach Yourself Esperanto, its successor for the modern day, Complete Esperanto, has appeared on bookshelves on the High Street. The new book also happens to reside on the bookshelves in Barlaston, and to celebrate the release of a mainstream text book by a renowned publisher, EAB is offering it at a very special price of £20. That's half the recommended retail price. We don't know how long we're going to keep the price this low, so make sure to get your copy now from our brand new online bookshop!
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    After a successful Lernu and Lernu Plu at the end of March, we've set up another session, this time in June! Anna Lowenstein (Lernu) and Harry Barron (Lernu Plu) will be at EAB's headquarters leading FREE sessions on June 15-16. Both are very experienced teachers and are in regular contact with new learners. You're in good hands! Details
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    Update 85 (April 2019) has just been distributed to members. This means that Update 84 (January 2019) is now publicly downloadable.
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    Have you never been to an Esperanto event abroad? We'd like to help you take those first steps and are offering £200 towards your costs to participate in Somera Esperanto-Studado in Slovakia. It's an an event from July 12 to 20 and encompasses a mix of classroom activities (for all levels), tourism, and socialising -- all in Esperanto, of course! Details about our scheme
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    EAB is pleased to have arranged, in conjunction with Clive Boutle of Francis Boutle Publishers, a poetry reading in London. Spanish poet Jorge Camacho will read poetry from Star in a Night Sky, an anthology of Esperanto literature, edited by Paul Gubbins and published by Francis Boutle: Jorge will also read some of his own original poetry, including extracts from his latest collection Brulvunde: The event has expanded to include two other Iberian poets. Martin Veíga will launch his bilingual collection Diary of Crosses Green while Noèlia Díaz Vicedo recites poetry in Catalan: The following night, Jorge Camacho will hold a poetry workshop in Esperanto at the London Esperanto Club. Details: The poetry reading is on Thursday 22 November at Bookmarks Bookshop, 1 Bloomsbury Street, Bloomsbury, WC1B 3QE. It is free to attend and starts at 7.30pm. The poetry workshop in Esperanto with Jorge Camacho is on Friday 23 November at the London Esperanto Club, Diorama Arts Centre, Regent's Place, 201 Drummond St, London NW1 3FE. The event runs from 6pm to 9.30pm. You don't have to be a club member to participate but please bear in mind that the only language spoken there is Esperanto. Beginners are very welcome to come along.
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    The courses Jen Nia Mondo 1 & 2 were published in the 1970s and remain fairly popular even now. Accompanying the courses were recordings of fluent speakers. Those recordings are hard to come by so EAB is making them, fifty tracks in total, freely downloadable.
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    Can't make Lernu or Lernu Plu in February? Not a problem -- we're pleased to announce that there will be a session in March too! Maurizio Giacometto (Lernu) and Chris Lewis (Lernu Plu) will be making their debuts as EAB tutors as they lead FREE sessions at EAB's headquarters on March 30-31. Both are excellently positioned to understand and support our beginners since they too were beginners only a few short years ago. You're in good hands! Details
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    After an extensive period of development, the Esperanto Association of Britain is launching a new online home today. The site that you're currently seeing is not the finished version but we feel is stable enough now for EAB members to enjoy and assist with developing by offering their comments and suggestions and reporting bugs where they see them. Feel free to make use of the discussion areas, join one of our social groups, make purchases from our shop, contribute articles, read up on our classroom courses and see what we offer as distance learning, as well as finding out how to find other Esperanto speakers. And if you're new to the Esperanto Association of Britain, we invite you to read about who we are and what we do. Most of the content is currently in English. That will change in the future when the site stabilises and new features, currently under development, appear. We invite you to check back regularly as the site continues to take shape and hope you'll enjoy using it. We would like to pay tribute to Bill Walker, who administrated the previous site from its creation in 2005 until its retirement today. Bill himself refers to simply stepping in back then as a stop-gap and not at all expecting to still be here running substantially the same site so many years later. We are delighted that Bill has offered to continue supporting EAB with this new site and will be part of the team going forward.
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