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    Babilu kun Dorina kaj Babilonto kaj aliaj esperantistoj !! Dimanĉe kaj Marde , je la 19h00-20h00 // Every Sunday and Tuesday 7-8PM Kiel partopreni ========= Unue, Aliĝu kaj instalu "Second Life" per via komputilo :- https://join.secondlife.com/ Tiam per la interna apa adresbreto , transporti al Esperanto-Lando: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heim/80/123/26 Staru apud la mara promenejo kaj rigardu por Dorina kaj Babilonto k.t.p Notu: Vi bezonas mikrofonon aŭ kapaŭskultilojn por babili. Teksti estas permesita ankaŭ.
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    A FREE session for total new people who have learned a bit of Esperanto, who have maybe completed a course or two, and who want to improve. The course takes place at EAB's headquarters and is led by Chris Lewis. This course is perfect for people who have a reasonable understanding of Esperanto but who haven't had much if any opportunity to speak it out loud or meet other learners. Chris Lewis started learning Esperanto himself around only three years ago. He's since progressed through all of EAB's courses as a student and is certified at C1 level in the language. Last year he made his debut at our annual conference, leading a workshop on a sometimes tricky part of Esperanto. Details and sign-up form.
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    A FREE session for total new beginners learners at EAB's headquarters, led by Maurizio Giacometto. This course is perfect for people who have only done a little bit of Esperanto but who haven't necessarily finished a course. It's not been that long since Maurizio was a beginner himself and now he is the editor of EAB's newsletter and is certified at C1 level, so you'll be in good hands from somebody who knows very well what it's like to take your first steps into Esperanto. Details and sign-up form.
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