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Election Results 2021

Elections were held by postal vote in 2021 because the restrictions on gathering in public meant that it was not possible to hold an AGM. Members all received ballots with Update 93 and had around weeks to return their ballots before April 18. The votes have been counted by Viv O'Dunne and Bill Walker.

Votes for the trustee candidates for 2021 through to AGM 2022, with votes FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN:

Simone Davis48/1/1
Edmund Grimley Evans: 49/0/1
Clare Hunter: 49/1/0
Anna Langley46/2/2
Lajo Miller47/1/2

All five candidates were duly elected, and Edmund Grimley Evans, the sole candidate for presidency, takes over the role from the retiring Ian Carter. Ed Robertson has also stepped down after ten years' service.

On the ballot was a second subject upon which members were asked to share their views. The draft minutes of the 2019 AGM were circulated with Update 89 in advance of the planned 2020 AGM, which was later postponed and then cancelled. Members were asked in Update 89 to submit significant changes to the EAB office by a certain date. Since no changes were submitted, it might be reasonable to assume that the 2020 AGM would have therefore voted to accept the minutes substantially unchanged. The second vote, therefore, asked the members to express whether they would prefer those draft minutes to be considered approved, discussion held off until AGM 2022, or whether they had no preference. The results were:

Approve the 2019 draft minutes: 37
Discuss in AGM 2022: 0
No preference: 13


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