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Gerda kaj Elza


Since 1983 Claude Piron's Gerda malaperis! has been the story usually recommended for new learners as a first Esperanto text. On its fortieth anniversary EAB is republishing the book for a new generation ... with Piron's two follow-up books packaged with it. That's three books for the price of one!


Gerda malaperis! is a story about a young woman who is a specialist in secret languages of old ... and one day she goes missing! Set over 25 short chapters (some as dialogue, others as prose) the story is written to build on new vocabulary and grammar which you will have encountered in earlier chapters, getting progressively a little bit harder.

Lasu min paroli plu! is a collection of mainly monologues, and contains 35 short chapters using the same vocabulary and grammatical forms which were introduced in Gerda malaperis!

Ili kaptis Elzan! is a humorous story written to be a little bit more challenging than the previous two, but still has new learners in mind, sticking to easier forms of the language.


If you're a new learner wondering what you can read as a first book, here are three you can purchase in one compilation! We've set the price as £10: you'll find the book on sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and so on.


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Saluton Tim,

The book was available for pre-order at Amazon.ca. I bought it on Sept. 21st, but strangely on Oct. 7th (release day), it was not available.

I have reached out to Amazon.ca customer service, but unfortunately, they were unable to provide any information regarding when the book would be available. This situation has left me quite puzzled and disappointed, as I was looking forward to enjoying the book on its release day.

I am writing to kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue. The book in question is currently available on Amazon.com, which suggests that there may be a discrepancy in the availability of the book on Amazon.ca. Could you please contact Amazon.ca and try to fix this? Dankegon! Rafael Scapin, Kanado

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It's totally out of my hands, Rafael. The likeliest scenario is that amazon.ca pre-ordered x copies and have run out; that's happened with amazon.co.uk, too. That's not particularly fair given that you pre-ordered through them. It's a problem which solves itself easily enough, though: Amazon orders thousands of copies of books each day, and can get them printed in the USA and delivered rapidly.

(At least you're protected from price jumps through having pre-ordered: I see the British one has put the price up from £10 to £17 already, no doubt because they blitzed through the initial order in a couple of hours.)

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