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Dangerous Language: £30

EAB is selling a two-book set of Dangerous Language for only £30; that's 75% off the publisher's price and under 20% of the price at UEA! We have a very limited stock and so for the time being are limiting sales to the UK only to give our members a chance to get a set before they sell out.

The book is a long-awaited translation of Ulrich Lins's Danĝera Lingvo, and is published in two volumes by Palgrave Macmillan.


Volume I examines the rise of the international language Esperanto, launched in 1887 as a proposed solution to national conflicts and a path to a more tolerant world. The chapters in this volume chart the emergence of Esperanto as an answer to a widespread democratic desire for direct person-to-person international communication regardless of political boundaries. Its early success was limited, mostly because of the Czarist regime's suspicion of direct communication with foreigners, and, later, similar suspicion by dictatorial regimes generally. As speakers of a "dangerous language," its adepts were harassed and persecuted, especially in Germany and the Soviet Union. This book argues that the fate of Esperanto over the 130 years of its existence serves as a barometer to measure the degree to which regimes tolerate spontaneous personal contact with other countries and allow the pursuit of self-education outside prescribed national or ideological constraints.


Volume II examines the position of Esperanto in Eastern Europe during the Cold War; in particular it explores Stalin’s final years and the gradual re-emergence of the Esperanto movement. At first, its revival was limited to the satellite countries, especially Bulgaria and Poland, but, with Stalinism’s gradual retreat, Esperanto organizations reappeared in most East European countries and eventually in the Soviet Union itself. The progress was uneven, and its details reveal the stresses and strains that became apparent as the solidarity of the Soviet bloc declined. This book will appeal to a wide readership, including linguists, historians, political scientists and others interested in the history of the twentieth century from the unusual perspective of language.


Get your set now whilst stocks last!


Written by Ulrich Lins and edited by Humphrey Tonkin. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 497p, 978-3-030-23967-1


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No, it's been out of stock for a while, unfortunately, @Roman. I don't think we'll be able to source it again at that price; I've tried a few times over the years.

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