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Jen Nia Mondo: Books free to download!

The courses Jen Nia Mondo 1 & 2 were published in the 1970s and remain fairly popular even now.

EAB has made the two books free for download (Book 1 | Book 2) and self-study, but not for resale. Copyright rests with EAB. 

Accompanying the courses were recordings of fluent speakers. Those recordings are hard to come by so EAB has also made them, fifty tracks in total, freely downloadable. The entire course (books plus audio) is available in a single 300mb zip file.



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Just downloaded the 1st book.  Love the format - the note section after each lesson is easy to understand.  To have these available free is an absolute bonus.  Thanks EAB

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This looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much content all at once, but I will definitely be checking this out properly sometime soon! 🙂

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I love this course, although it is dated in terms of gender stereotyping, it really is a nice way to learn the language. I could listen to John Wells' voice all day. 

One drawback is that there is no answer key for the activities and for self-learners this would be really welcome. 


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