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  1. Je 2020-3-10 at 15:39, Rhys Hawkins diris:

    Aaah that's a lovely idea Mark! Yes and yes! I'll send you a DM on here when I feel ready ­čÖé

    I've sent you a Facebook message. Get in touch and I'll add you to the group.

  2. anta┼ş 17 minutoj, Rhys Hawkins diris:

    Saluton Mark! it's very exciting to virtually meet you and to know that you guys are so close-by. I'm still feeling a little chicken about actually communicating live as of yet, as I still feel quite out my depth with this, and my currrent vocabulary is extremely limited. However, as there is a week or so before then, I'll see how I feel a few days before. Really hope I feel ready to take the plunge then, as I know how beneficial it is for learning. If not, then I will definitely definitely be along soon - one of the reasons I love Esperanto is for the vibrant, friendly community afterall! Gis baldau!

    You're quite welcome just to listen if you like. If you'd like to dip your toes in a little first, perhaps we can have a brief one-on-one Skype sometime beforehand?

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  3. I've found Duolingo's Esperanto course to be an excellent resource. It's by far the best of the courses they offer of those I've tried, and the only one where I've come away able to converse in the target language. I keep a general list of learning resources here. For complete beginners, I'd recommend starting with Duolingo (make sure you join the Facebook group too) and these introductory video lessons. D.K. Jordan's Being Colloquial In Esperanto is an ideal read once you've got going. Check EAB's member map, Eventa Servo, and Duolingo Events for opportunities to meet other speakers.

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  4. Dankon pro viaj┬áafablaj vortoj. Via komento pri la uzado de "Skatola Tago" estas tute komprenebla. Mi volis inkluzivi┬áplurajn internaciajn tagojn k.t.p. Tamen, por tiuj tagoj, kiuj estas publikferioj en Britio mi uzis tradukon de ─Łia┬áoficiala nomo┬á(kie konvena). Plue, ─ëirka┼ş Kristnasko ekzistas multaj┬átradicioj en ─ëiu lando, do mi ne povas skribi ─ëion tie.

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  5. Saluton.

    Mi estas ano de EAB, kaj mi kreis konton en ─ëi tiu retpa─Łaro. Mia profilo listi─Łas kiel "Retejuzanto". Kiel mi aldonas la informon, ke mi havas EAB-anecon, por ke mi aperas sur la mapo? // I'm a member of EAB, and I've created an account on this site. My profile is listed as "Site User". How do I add the information that I have EAB membership, so that I appear on the map?

    Multan Dankon.

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