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  1. I think I've seen at least some Adresaroj so I will check next time I'm down (2 weeks today).
  2. Not quite understanding this. Do we not have these in the Library? Or are we saying they should be in the Library but are missing?
  3. Paul Dennett

    COVID-19: BK2020 and AGM

    Yes, me too. However that was for quite a large space (30 sq metres). But even for a third of that which is I think the minimum for what we would need then it would be quite a lot.
  4. Paul Dennett

    COVID-19: BK2020 and AGM

    One quote in. £98.40 a week but first 4 weeks are half-price. So to save money I only booked a year. Kidding. Maybe need to reconsider using some of the bedroom space.
  5. Have spoken to Geoff. The books are currently in the custody of Tony Eddison, in an unoccupied house in York, where they have been for the past five years or so. Tony is old now and apparently somewhat forgetful, and his willingness to cooperate in parting with the books tends to fluctuate. Geoff has made contact with Tony's brother who appears to be cooperative. Geoff thinks there may be a couple of carloads of books, but I'm not sure we can rely on that estimate without seeing for ourselves. I have advised Geoff that we currently have space problems at Barlaston anyway, and that we are investigating options for storage. It seems to me that there is no urgency in retrieving the books as we know where they are, there is unlikely to be anything new there and although damp may be a problem in their present location any damage will by now have been done. Key to this will be gaining Tony's confidence and Geoff is going to talk to him again. I actually knew Tony thirty years ago - I went to the Esperanto Club in York when I was a student there - so I may arrange to go and see him myself at some point, depending on how Geoff gets on with him. I've left it with Geoff that we will arrange storage and then see about getting the books couriered down to Stoke.
  6. Geoff is going to phone me when I am at Barlaston on Friday.
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