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    PLEASE NOTE THAT I'M WRITING IN ENGLISH, IN 'AMERICAN' (Sorry) (Smile): Oh, very, Very good. I lightly-studied E-O at San Francisco State University (stayed in Verducci Hall - with floors of 'bunheads'), for three Summers (in the middle/late'ish '80's). Never used it: no ability. The Esperanto League for North America - 'ELNA' - had a GREAT bookstore; miss it. Do appreciate these files. The Audio of JNM is available thru' the 'Internet Archive' - but those files are not easily DoWNloaded. I'm grateful for your work, here. The ATTACHed image - I'm on the top row, white-shirt, all-the-way to the right. My friend, Derek (sp?) - Polyglot, dark beard, mustache, dark-shirt - same row, about four people leftward. The girl that we both admired - middle of the bottom row, white-shirt: _Wonderful_ singing voice.). And a wonderful _program_, from ELNA, at SFSU - ELNA brought people in from Canada, from China, elsewhere ... Thanks for 'Jen Nia Mondo'.
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