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    The North-West Esperanto Federation meets on Saturday 14 September in Chester. Participants gather outside the city's railway station at noon before going to the Mill Hotel for lunch. Thereafter the formal meeting is held at St John's Church. All are welcome, from beginners to fluent speakers.
  2. until
    La aŭtuna kunveno okazos je sabato la 3a de novembro 2018, je 13 30 ĉe la klubo Guppy's Enterprise Club, 17 Nunnery Lane, York. Manĝetoj kaj trinkaĵoj estas aĉeteblaj, aŭ kunportu varman trinkaĵon.
  3. Viv

    Viv O'Dunne

    A description of Viv, which she'll write later. We can add more stuff down the line too.
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. The shower panels were fitted yesterday - it looks great.
  6. From the T&C's: This is a formality though. The manager (Nigel) has asked if they can promote the event on their website/via social media once we have our branding in place. As an aside, Nigel says that it's likely we'll be the only group using the venue on those dates, so we'd be welcome to use other suites as breakout space for no extra charge.
  7. Super, I'll get the ball rolling. Thanks, Clare.
  8. It's a Windows Live Mail email. PDF attached. Zamenhof Letters.pdf
  9. No one seems keen to give a quote for what is a relatively small job (herein lies the problem; tradesmen like big jobs). The general opinion of people we've spoken too is that we need a plumber to remove the fittings, a tiler to tile/put the sheets up and plumber to put the fittings back again. I put the job onto a website that tradesman locally can see and send a price if they're interested in doing the job. That initiative returned zero results. I'm sure the handyman could do it, but I feel that we need to employ a professional. If the job isn't done properly we could have further damage to the ceiling, stock and new screen! @Clare Are you happy for me to ask Dave from Plumbing Solutions to go ahead and get it done?
  10. I suggested Marjorie, a long shot maybe, but she could possibly have seen them during her time researching for her biography. I've attached Geoffrey's email to this message. Zamenhof letters June 2015.eml
  11. Seeing them both together - I like them both, but I prefer the hint of green one. What do you think?
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. I was in there looking for an article for Mia H so I had a quick scan for the book whist I was in there. I found it straight away (!) That's a job less for you when you're here now, Paul :-)
  14. I meant black and grey, sorry My initial thoughts were that black and grey might look quite striking with coloured flags.
  15. Viv

    Room on the Broom -- in Esperanto!

    Haha - I agree with you, Clare! It does look a bit like a bomb. I do like it though, I think it's very clever. What next? Bill will need the logo for the website - I'll send him the usual sign-up details. What shall we do re a leaflet? Should I scrap mine and put one together using the logo? Or, because we need to get promoting asap we could use the logo for online/facebook/twitter promotion and I'll just use the updated leaflet to post to people who don't appear to have/use the web.
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