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  1. Our final sessions of 2019 are set for October 5 and 6. Maurizio Giacometto (Lernu) and Chris Lewis (Lernu Plu) will be at EAB's headquarters leading FREE sessions of our courses for new and progressing learners. Both are Esperanto speakers with C1 qualifications in the language (the highest possible accredited exam) and know exactly what it's like being new, having only started learning the language themselves a few years ago; you're in good hands! Details
  2. Tim


    A FREE session for total new beginners learners at EAB's headquarters, led by Maurizio Giacometto. This course is perfect for people who have only done a little bit of Esperanto but who haven't necessarily finished a course. It's not been that long since Maurizio was a beginner himself and now he is the editor of EAB's newsletter and is certified at C1 level, so you'll be in good hands from somebody who knows very well what it's like to take your first steps into Esperanto. Details and sign-up form.
  3. Tim

    Lernu Plu

    A FREE session for total new people who have learned a bit of Esperanto, who have maybe completed a course or two, and who want to improve. The course takes place at EAB's headquarters and is led by Chris Lewis. This course is perfect for people who have a reasonable understanding of Esperanto but who haven't had much if any opportunity to speak it out loud or meet other learners. Chris Lewis started learning Esperanto himself around only three years ago. He's since progressed through all of EAB's courses as a student and is certified at C1 level in the language. Last year he made his debut at our annual conference, leading a workshop on a sometimes tricky part of Esperanto, and he is the president of the London Esperanto Club. Details and sign-up form.
  4. Bonvenon al la diskut-temo pri la unua libro, kiun ni esploros en nia klubo. Temas pri Ĉu vi konas Blaise Cendrars? de Manuel de Seabra: Ni komencos legi la libron en septembro!
  5. I don't know how book clubs are supposed to work, so we need to work out what we do after getting our hands on book 1, @Rico, @Jack Warren, @simone davis and @Vilĉjo Walker. To prevent things getting cluttered, do we post in one thread per book or create a new thread at every check-in point? The former is probably neater, I think. Which language do we use? Both, as required? I don't want new people to feel left out but it might also be useful for people to type in Esperanto about a particular subject. Do we say something like 'The aim is to read from page X to page Y by such-and-such a date?' What happens next? Does the Club Leader (currently me but happy to stand aside for someone else) set some questions about the content, having already read ahead?
  6. Tim

    Esperanto characters in Quark XPress

    Oh, I wouldn't know. I have no idea how old Quark 5 is. I'm an InDesign man
  7. Tim

    Esperanto characters in Quark XPress

    You'd need to source your font from a site like Font Squirrel. Alongside options for style (serif, handwritten etc), you'll also find an option to filter by fonts containing glyphs from a particular language. Esperanto is one of those. That's not the end of the story, however. In my experience, nearly every font claiming to have Esperanto's characters doesn't, so it's important to test the font before downloading it and getting disappointed. I use the words ehoŝanĝo ĉiuĵaŭde for this purpose. If the letters aren't present, your test text will not be correct: Unfortunately, for some reason, even fonts with the correct glyphs in are failing today. I don't know why that should be; it's always worked before. Fortunately, there's another test you can make. Since there's a tab to view the glyphs, do exactly that and then navigate to a letter which you'd expect to see. If it's there, then you know that the font is usable: There are many sites for downloading fonts, so give them a try until you find something you like.
  8. We're delighted to have received the new book from our friend Bill Chapman! The Early History of Esperanto in the United Kingdom is a labour of love which brings to life the names of all those people who learned Esperanto prior to the First World War. We want everybody with an interest in Esperanto to get reading Bill's book and so we're selling it a give-away price of only five pounds! That's nearly half of the recommended price of £8.95. We've got the book on the shelves and we're waiting for your order. Pick it up now from our shop! Is it good? Of course it is! Here's a review on Amazon!
  9. Tim

    Update 86


    1 download

    Update 86 from July 2019
  10. Tim

    UK comes to Belfast in 2021

    We're very happy to share the information that the Universala Kongreso de Esperanto will be coming to our country in 2021! The venue will be Queen’s University, Belfast with the UK running from July 17 to 24! We're two years (and two UKs) away from the event so there isn't currently anything else to report. Keep the date free in your diaries and stay tuned for more!
  11. Meet the boy who made up his own language -- and bought hope to millions! We're introducing the spectacularly good Doctor Esperanto and the Language of Hope to our shop for only £10! This beautifully presented hardcover book tells the story of the boy who created Esperanto. Although aimed at children, it's found an adoring public among adults too. At this price, you couldn't possibly regret it, so whether it's for a young person in your life or you're just looking for a fun, uplifting and educutional book, give it a go!
  12. Tim

    La Blanka Rozo 283



    La Blanka Rozo 282 de somero 2019
  13. Tim

    Postplu (+ kradrosto!)

    Okazos plia sesio de nia porprogresinta kurso Postplu en Aŭgusto! Kiel kutime, la kurso estos SENPAGA. Ĉi-foje ĝi okazos ĉe la hejmo de malavara membro en Daventry kaj sekvos la formalaĵojn kradrosto (se benos nin la veterdioj!) Legu pli pri la celita nivelo, pri la dato ktp ĉe https://esperanto.org.uk/events/postplu/
  14. Okazos plia sesio de nia porprogresinta kurso Postplu en Aŭgusto! Kiel kutime, la kurso estos SENPAGA. Ĉi-foje ĝi okazos ĉe la hejmo de malavara membro en Daventry kaj sekvos la formalaĵojn kradrosto (se benos nin la veterdioj!) Legu pli pri la celita nivelo, pri la dato ktp ĉe https://esperanto.org.uk/events/postplu/ (Cetere, ne forgesu, ke restas lokoj ĉe niaj senpagaj kursoj Lernu kaj Lernu Plu por pli novaj lernantoj: https://esperanto.org.uk/events/lernu/)
  15. How often do you get to see a one-woman comedy cabaret featuring Esperanto? Thanks to Margot Przymierska, you now can! Wesele/ Wedding is an immersive cabaret about the last Polish-English wedding before the borders close, told by a real life Polish wedding emcee from Białystok, the birthplace of Ludoviko Zamenhof... who happens to feature in the show. This collage of integration stories, raunchy wedding rituals and disco polo sing-alongs, peppered with Polish and Esperanto, dismantles (or perpetuates?) the East European stereotypes and asks whether popular culture can bring people together. The show is supported by the Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute and UCL Festival of Culture. You can see the show on Saturday, July 20 at Bedford Fringe. There's an earlier showing on Friday, July 19. Some of our friends have already seen it. They seem to have enjoyed themselves! It's also possible to see it on: Friday 7 June, 7.30pm at Rich Mix, London Sat 6 July at Blackfriars Theatre, Boston

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