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  1. We're delighted to announce that our latest publishing project is La plej eleganta giganto de la urbo, a translation by Ian Carter and Edmund Grimley Evans of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's The Smartest Giant in Town into Esperanto! We had hoped to launch the book at our conference in April. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has led to our cancelling the conference and to delays in the book reaching us. We can't currently be sure of the exact delivery date but we fulfill our pre-orders as soon as we take receipt of the stock. The book costs only £5. If you're from the UK, please note that you can include another 1.8kg of books in the package before the postage bracket rises (currently £3.10 for up to 2kg), so you might wish to take advantage by ordering some more books, which we'll despatch alongside it.
  2. Pro tio, ke numero 990 (printempo 2021) de La Brita Esperantisto estis alŝutita por membroj, numero 989 (aŭtuno 2020) nun estas publike elŝutebla.
  3. 0 downloads

    La Brita Esperantisto 990 de printempo 2021.
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    La Blanka Rozo 289 de somero 2021.
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    La Blanka Rozo 288 de printempo 2021.
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    La Blanka Rozo 287 de aŭtuno 2020.
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    La Blanka Rozo 286 de somero 2020.
  8. UEA has announced the Virtuala Kongreso, an 8-day replacement for the cancelled Universala Kongreso, which was set to be held in Belfast. https://vk.esperanto.net/ The Virtuala Kongreso is free to members of UEA; it's possible to sign up for membership and the Virtuala Kongreso at the same time on the website, which will prove a cheaper option than paying the normal 50€ participation fee.
  9. UEA has announced a Virtuala Kongreso to replace the cancelled in-person Universala Kongreso! https://vk.esperanto.net/
  10. Tim

    Grants for PoRKo, May 7-9

    EAB is offering financial support to people living in the UK to participate in the three-day Printempa Reta Kursaro ("PoRKo") in from May 7-9. PoRKo has classes for all levels, from just-starting-on-Duolingo (A1) to just-finished-La-Mastro-de-l'Ringoj (C1), with experienced Esperanto teachers from France, Hungary, Poland and the UK. The evening programme of talks, short concerts, and games will be open to the public. See the event page on Facebook for more details. The course normally costs €99 (concessions: €69). The class size is limited to 12, and will meet on Zoom. If you live in the UK and would like to be considered for financial support towards the cost of participating, please apply using this form. For levels B1, B2 and C1, please answer the questions in Esperanto rather than in English. Levels A1 and A2 may apply in English. For us to make a payment to you, you will need to have a British bank account. We will expect in return a report or something similar proportionate to the size of the grant, which we will discuss with candidates beforehand.
  11. Maurizio Giacometto is back leading Lernu Plu, our course for learners who live in the UK who aren't yet at a conversational level. It targets people at CEFR levels A2 and B1, running on June 12-13, 2021. Details and sign-up form.
  12. Tim

    Lernu Plu

    A FREE session for people who have learned a bit of Esperanto, who have maybe completed a course or two, and who want to improve. The course takes place on Zoom, and is led by Maurizio Giacometto, the editor of EAB's newsletter, Update. This course is perfect for people who have a reasonable understanding of Esperanto but who haven't had much if any opportunity to speak it out loud or meet other learners. Details and sign-up form. (Lernu Plu is available to learners who live in the UK who aren't yet at a conversational level. It targets people at CEFR levels A2 and B1.)
  13. Owing to the pandemic, the World Esperanto Association has announced that the planned World Esperanto Congress to be held in Belfast has been cancelled. In its place, the Virtuala Kongreso held in 2020 will make its return. UEA are offering refunds to people who signed up for Belfast, minus a 15€ administration fee. Details in Esperanto: https://uea.org/gk/947
  14. Tim

    Election Results 2021

    Elections were held by postal vote in 2021 because the restrictions on gathering in public meant that it was not possible to hold an AGM. Members all received ballots with Update 93 and had around weeks to return their ballots before April 18. The votes have been counted by Viv O'Dunne and Bill Walker. Votes for the trustee candidates for 2021 through to AGM 2022, with votes FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN: Simone Davis: 48/1/1 Edmund Grimley Evans: 49/0/1 Clare Hunter: 49/1/0 Anna Langley: 46/2/2 Lajo Miller: 47/1/2 All five candidates were duly elected, and Edmund Grimley Evans, the sole candidate for presidency, takes over the role from the retiring Ian Carter. Ed Robertson has also stepped down after ten years' service. On the ballot was a second subject upon which members were asked to share their views. The draft minutes of the 2019 AGM were circulated with Update 89 in advance of the planned 2020 AGM, which was later postponed and then cancelled. Members were asked in Update 89 to submit significant changes to the EAB office by a certain date. Since no changes were submitted, it might be reasonable to assume that the 2020 AGM would have therefore voted to accept the minutes substantially unchanged. The second vote, therefore, asked the members to express whether they would prefer those draft minutes to be considered approved, discussion held off until AGM 2022, or whether they had no preference. The results were: Approve the 2019 draft minutes: 37 Discuss in AGM 2022: 0 No preference: 13
  15. Tim

    Anna Langley

    Anna was elected a trustee in April 2021.
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