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  1. Pro tio, ke numero 988 (printempo 2020) de La Brita Esperantisto estis alŝutita por membroj, numero 987 (aŭtuno 2019) nun estas publike elŝutebla.
  2. 1 download

    La Brita Esperantisto 988 de printempo 2020
  3. We're delighted to announce that our latest publishing project is Spaco sur la balail', a translation by Ian Carter of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's Room on the Broom into Esperanto! We had hoped to launch the book at our conference in April. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has led to our cancelling the conference and to delays in the book reaching us. We can't currently be sure of the exact delivery date but we fulfill our pre-orders as soon as we take receipt of the stock. The book costs only £5. If you're from the UK, please note that you can include another 1.8kg of books in the package before the postage bracket rises (currently £3.10 for up to 2kg), so you might wish to take advantage by ordering some more books, which we'll despatch alongside it. Our Twitter account shows several books which are new in stock 🙂
  4. Dankon, Rico! Mi komencis ĝin lastan oktobron kaj jam mez-unuapaĝe decidis resurbretigi ĝin, do mi aktuale ne estas tiel optimisma. Ni vidu, ĉu dua provo estos pli sukcesa 🙂
  5. Bele, ke iu proponis ion 🙂 Kial ne konsideri ĝin "nia libro eklegota la unuan de aprilo"? Ĉu vi deziras krei la fadenon por ĝi, Rico? Ne estas tiel, ke nur mi rajtas, kaj cetere, mi ne estas certa, ĉu mi havos tempon legi ĝin. (Pli trafe: mi provis iam, kaj decidis, ke mi ne ŝatos ĝin jam unuapaĝe!)
  6. You're in luck, Stephen!
  7. EAB kreis konton ĉe SoundCloud, al kiu ni alŝutas sondosierojn de prelegoj el la pasinteco. La prezentojn surbendigis Ivor Hueting. Nove ciferecigitaj, ili nun estas disponeblaj al ĉiuj. La unua prezento alŝutita estas de nia honora prezidanto, John Wells, de la Universala Kongreso de 1989 en Brajtono. La temo estas enketo pri prononcaj preferoj de anglalingvanoj, informoj utilaj por la tiam eldonota prononcvortaro Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. Ĉu seka unua temo? Tute ne! Temas pri proksimume unu horon da flue elparolita Esperanto. Ne gravas ĉu vi estas nova lernanto, ĉu vi konas ĉiun vorton de La Espero: estas en ĝi io por ĉiuj. Ni aldonos baldaŭ kontribuaĵojn de Ivo Lapenna, Marjorie Boulton, kaj William Auld, por listigi nur kelkajn, kaj esperas, ke vi ĝuos, kio alvenos!
  8. EAB has created an account on SoundCloud where we are uploading recordings from the past. The presentations were recorded on audio cassettes by Ivor Hueting. Newly digitised, they're now freely available for all to enjoy. The first presentation uploaded is of our honorary president, John Wells, from the World Esperanto Congress in Brighton in 1989, who had just been elected president of UEA. The subject matter is a pronunciation preference survey which he had conducted to inform the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, published in 1990. Dry? Not at all! It clocks in at around an hour of faultlessly delivered Esperanto. Whether you're a new learner or have decades of singing La Espero under your belt, you'll get something out of it. We will soon add contributions from Ivo Lapenna, Marjorie Boulton, and William Auld, to name just a few. We hope you enjoy what's in store!
  9. Tim

    AGM 2020 cancelled

    Sent to members by email and post on March 25, 2020. It supercedes the announcement of March 18. Dear members, Owing to the restrictions imposed by the UK Government on March 23, EAB's AGM is now postponed. We do not currently have an alternative date to announce. EAB's trustees are obliged to hold an AGM before October 1. They therefore have plenty of time to consider solutions to the restrictions on gathering in public and unnecessary travel. The Charity Commission advises that charities which have a clause in their governing document providing for General Meetings to be conducted virtually should consider using it; EAB, however, does not have this option available. I'm afraid that holding the AGM digitally is therefore not currently a possibility. Several members have submitted postal votes for the trustee elections and nominated proxies to represent them at the AGM. Since the announced AGM has now been postponed, the postal votes will be discarded and proxy arrangements cancelled. I'm sorry that this will cause inconvenience for some of you down the line, but it seems preferable to start afresh than risk confusion several months hence. Owing to a constitutional amendment made in 2014, meetings of the trustees can be held virtually, which means that trustee meetings will still go ahead. The trustees will hold a short virtual meeting in a month or so's time to formally confirm a decision made in email to co-opt Simone Davis, a candidate for trusteeship, on the basis that she would almost certainly have been appointed by the members in the AGM. Since Rich Smith and Damon Lord would have stood down at the AGM, they will be recorded as having done so. This process means that the trustees' working weekend, scheduled for May 2-3, will have those people present who were originally intended to be. Please do note that Esperanto House is currently off limits to visitors and purchases from the bookshop might not arrive quite as quickly as usual. La Brita Esperantisto was sent to the printer's last week and so should be with you soon. Once things become clearer regarding the AGM, we will be in touch to make you aware. In the meantime, restu sanaj kaj sekuraj.
  10. Tim

    COVID-19: BK2020 and AGM

    On March 25, EAB announced that it would have to postpone its AGM too, following the measures put in place by the UK Government to restrict public gatherings and unnecessary travel. There is currently no confirmed date or location for the AGM. Regrettably, EAB has had to cancel this year’s conference owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The AGM, a legal obligation, will still take place in line with the notification issued in Update. The UK Government has issued advice that everyone should cease non-essential contact with others and not engage in unnecessary travel, adding that social venues should be avoided. The advice underlined that this is particularly important for people over 70. Holding our conference would clearly run completely counter to that advice. The trustees have therefore had no choice but to cancel the event. It is not a decision which EAB has made rashly or in haste. We have, of course, offered a refund to the people who signed up to the conference. The AGM is more problematic in that holding it is a legal requirement. The Charity Commission has not yet produced guidance, and so the trustees have decided to attempt to hold the AGM as a formality in Leicester at the time and place indicated in our formal notification sent out in Update. Members who cannot attend have been reminded that they can appoint another member to serve as a proxy. ****** EAB bedaŭrinde devas nuligi la ĉi-jaran Britan Kongreson pro la kronvirusa pandemio. La jarkunveno, kies okazigo estas jura postulo, daŭre okazos laŭ la informoj en Update. La brita registaro ‘forte konsilas’, ke ĉiuj evitu ne-necesan kontakton kun aliaj, kaj veturu nur se necese. Plie ĝi avertis, ke oni evitu sociajn lokojn, substrekante, ke tiuj konsiloj estas des pli gravaj por tiuj, kiuj estas 70-jaraj aŭ pli aĝaj. Okazigo de la Brita Kongreso agus tute kontraŭ tiuj konsiloj. EAB tial ne havis alian eblon krom nuligi la aranĝon. Tiun decidon EAB ne faris haste aŭ senpense. Ni kompreneble proponis al aliĝintoj rehavigon de ilia kotizo. La jarkunveno de EAB estas pli tikla en tio, ke ĝia okazigo estas jura postulo. La Charity Commission ankoraŭ ne proponis konsilojn, kaj tial la estraro de EAB decidis klopodi okazigi la jarkunvenon kiel formalaĵon en Lester’ laŭ la informoj jam senditaj en Update. Membroj de EAB ricevis formularon per kiu ili povos nomumi alian membron por reprezenti la membron en la jarkunveno.
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    Signed minutes from the AGM in Aberystwyth in 2018.
  12. 1 download

    The finance report for November 2018 to October 2019.
  13. 1 download

    Draft minutes from the 2019 AGM. The 2020 AGM will decide whether to accept or amend them.
  14. Tim

    Agenda 2020


    The agenda for 2020's AGM.
  15. Tim

    TAR 2018-19

    1 download

    The trustees' annual report for November 2018 to October 2019.
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    For electing trustees in the 2020 AGM
  17. Tim

    Dangerous Language: £30

    EAB is selling a two-book set of Dangerous Language for only £30; that's 75% off the publisher's price and under 20% of the price at UEA! We have a very limited stock and so for the time being are limiting sales to the UK only to give our members a chance to get a set before they sell out. The book is a long-awaited translation of Ulrich Lins's Danĝera Lingvo, and is published in two volumes by Palgrave Macmillan. Volume I examines the rise of the international language Esperanto, launched in 1887 as a proposed solution to national conflicts and a path to a more tolerant world. The chapters in this volume chart the emergence of Esperanto as an answer to a widespread democratic desire for direct person-to-person international communication regardless of political boundaries. Its early success was limited, mostly because of the Czarist regime's suspicion of direct communication with foreigners, and, later, similar suspicion by dictatorial regimes generally. As speakers of a "dangerous language," its adepts were harassed and persecuted, especially in Germany and the Soviet Union. This book argues that the fate of Esperanto over the 130 years of its existence serves as a barometer to measure the degree to which regimes tolerate spontaneous personal contact with other countries and allow the pursuit of self-education outside prescribed national or ideological constraints. Volume II examines the position of Esperanto in Eastern Europe during the Cold War; in particular it explores Stalin’s final years and the gradual re-emergence of the Esperanto movement. At first, its revival was limited to the satellite countries, especially Bulgaria and Poland, but, with Stalinism’s gradual retreat, Esperanto organizations reappeared in most East European countries and eventually in the Soviet Union itself. The progress was uneven, and its details reveal the stresses and strains that became apparent as the solidarity of the Soviet bloc declined. This book will appeal to a wide readership, including linguists, historians, political scientists and others interested in the history of the twentieth century from the unusual perspective of language. Get your set now whilst stocks last! Written by Ulrich Lins and edited by Humphrey Tonkin. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 497p, 978-3-030-23967-1
  18. Catch 22 is about right, I think, Rhys. I know of thorough translations which exist but permission for which was subsequently declined, meaning that the work won't see the light of day. Frustrating for the translators and a reason underlying why I personally won't translate ahead of securing permission to publish. But then that puts you in the difficult position of then having to produce something at the appropriate level within a time frame. I don't think people in general realise how difficult and time-consuming translation is if it's done correctly. There's a reason that most professional translators translate into their native languages rather than from them into a learned one. In our case, we're all translating into something which isn't our native language. That makes the job harder. As Edmund pointed out earlier regarding La Krubalo and a soon-to-be-announced book, there are often additional complicating constraints. Those books rhyme and really heavily on single-syllable words, which we don't tend to have in Esperanto outside of pronouns, prepositions and numbers. Then you have to match the metre and the imagery. The Krubalo-style book which we'll announce in a week or so took a fluent speaker seven months to get to a position he was happy with, and even then Edmund and I recommended some changes afterwards. It's tricky. Perhaps one day we'll be in a position where we can manage this a little bit better. It's early days for us at the moment. It's been a fun ride so far, though, with more to come 🙂
  19. La sendependa gazeto Monato, kun artikoloj pri politiko, kulturo, scienco, moderna vivo kaj aliaj temoj, lastatempe festis sian 40-an datrevenon. Nun eblas legi kaj traserĉi 40 jarojn da numeroj, post heroa laborego de Roland Rotsaert kaj Ivan Garcia. Ĉiu jarkolekto estas konsultebla por nunaj abonantoj. Ne-abonantoj povas vidi ĉiun ĝis 2019. Viziti la arkivon | Abonarifo | Abonilo
  20. Newly arrived in the shop is a translation into Esperanto by Marjorie Boulton of Pearl, a late 14th-century Middle English poem that is considered one of the most important surviving Middle English works. The manuscript, arduously produced over the course of two years' worth of Sundays translating a poem that the author herself considered untranslatable, was found by Edmund Grimley Evans amongst Marjorie Boulton's affairs after her death. The 1212 original Middle English verses are presented in parallel with the masterful Esperanto translation across 101 stanzas. Mondial, New York, 2019, 145p, 978-1-595693-95-2
  21. Tim

    Lernu Plu

    A FREE session for people who have learned a bit of Esperanto, who have maybe completed a course or two, and who want to improve. The course takes place at EAB's headquarters and is led by Tim Morley, who has taught Esperanto at schools in the UK and at residential events abroad . This course is perfect for people who have a reasonable understanding of Esperanto but who haven't had much if any opportunity to speak it out loud or meet other learners. If you're not sure you're quite up to this level, there's our beginners' session Lernu happening at the same time! Details and sign-up form.
  22. Tim


    A FREE session for new learners at EAB's headquarters, led by Anthony Bodineau, who teaches a weekly beginners' course for the North London Esperanto Group. This course is perfect for people who have only done a little bit of Esperanto but who haven't necessarily finished a course before, or who would like a gentle refresher before stepping up to Lernu Plu. Details and sign-up form.
  23. 16 downloads

    La Blanka Rozo 285 de printempo 2020
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    La Blanka Rozo 284 de aŭtuno 2019
  25. We're delighted to announce that EAB has revised and republished Mil Unuaj Vortoj en Esperanto (First Thousand Words in Esperanto), and it is available in our shop for only £5! This new version replaces some older vocabulary items (eg audio cassette, video) with newer ones, the appearance of computers and televisions has modernised, and some of the translations have changed from those used in earlier versions. We chose a clear, distinctive font which is reminiscent of a child's handwriting and calculated to be easy for young children to read. If you've got the second version (with the red cover), then you will immediately recognise the cover design; we chose to honour the previous version rather than simply translating the text on the very different English cover. At only five pounds, a steep discount from the retail price of £8, the book is a bargain for children and adult learners alike!
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