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  1. kashtanulo

    attitudes towards Esperanto

    1. What is your first language? (i.e. ‘native’ language, mother tongue - if it is a language other than Esperanto) Scots and English 2. What other languages do you speak? I know a few phrases in French, but nothing amazing, I can survive in France but not thrive in France. 3. When did you learn Esperanto? About two years ago. 4. Why did you learn Esperanto? (this can be any reason) I was going through a really tough breakup and it gave me some hope. 5. When do you use Esperanto? (e.g. in everyday situations, or on special occasions only?) Everyone of my friends speak Esperanto, I wake up to receive eMails and textes in Esperanto, I go for lunch with my friends and speak Esperanto. I then go to my work in the evening and it's an Esperanto only work environment, I go to the pub with my work mates afterwards in Esperanto and I have began to dream in Esperanto. 6. How fluent are you in Esperanto? (as fluent as in your first language?) Almost C1 in speaking but a B2 in grammar. 7. What role can Esperanto play in today’s world? (e.g. as an international language, or as a 'neutral' language) Esperanto /could/ play a role as an international language, however, I do not believe it will ever overcome other national languages and become the de facto international lang. 8. What do you think of the claim that the only real international language is English, instead of Esperanto? I agree with Tim and Thomas' answer. Kind regards Sammy.
  2. Mi kredas, ke Esperanto estas lingvo, ke ĉiuj kiuj lernas ĝin, gajnis ion de ĝi, eble amikoj, eble koramiko, eble ĵus kialo por fari ion. Do, kial vi lernis ĝin.
  3. kashtanulo


  4. kashtanulo

    How do I type Esperanto's characters on a Mac?

    Yeah, i understand that. I've just realised of this shortcut though, in mac if you have two langauge layouts, use can use control + space to change between them
  5. kashtanulo

    Mac Users (Retina Display)

    Hey Tim, if you can't find anyone, you can always pop into your local apple store and test it there 😛 I'd do that, but toulouse doesn't have any! I never even see anyone in the metro with an iPhone! Everyone has android here!
  6. kashtanulo

    Fallback font used

    Sorry, just read the first post and thought, okay time to help! Haha
  7. kashtanulo

    Fallback font used

    not so good with fonts, is this the right one?
  8. kashtanulo

    How do I type Esperanto's characters on Linux?

    Okay, for linux, it depends on your distro. Debian based distros (debian, ubuntu, raspiberrypi os, etc) will have an esperanto keyboard out of the box (raspiberry pi os, you have to go to the terminal and get to the raspiberry pi settings to select the Eo keyboard, and can't do it from the normal OS but that's about it.) older versions of Mint had complete GUI translated into esperanto so I believe it will have an esperanto keyboard.
  9. kashtanulo

    How do I type Esperanto's characters on a Mac?

    I have wrote my own keyboard, that you can install. Just select it as you would with any other language layout and with this, you get esperanto autocorrect if you download the appilcation Dictionaries (https://dictionaries.io) Esperanto-Klavaro.dmg

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