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  1. James - mi opinias, ke vi estas la ununura homo, ke partoprenis la defion. Ne ekzistas ia ajn loko por kunhavigi ĝin - mi bedaŭras. Ĝi estis nur koncepto.
  2. Espereble Malcolm, mi revenos al la distancan kurson baldaŭ. (Se ankoraŭ vi volas esti mian instruiston).
  3. I'm extremely late with organising this, but I set a little challenge amongst "Babilejo," a Facebook Group that is predominantly made up of recent Esperanto learners (481 members). https://www.facebook.com/groups/365185520692397 The challenge is a creative writing challenge, which I've tentatively named PoCeVoTo for Po Cent Vortoj Tage. As I designed it to run for the calendar month of January, you'll need to catch up! If you want to consider the challenge, here are the details:- What? PoCeVoTo - or Po Cent Vortoj Tage 100 words per day (although you don't strictly have to write 100 words each and every single day - it's a suggested average to get you above 3000 words for the month) 1st - 31st January 2021 3,000+ word short story (novelo) No set theme New story in Esperanto, not a translation Where? From your mind to the page or screen. Consider sharing here on the EAB forums, on Babilejo, your own page(s), Wattpad or similar. Use tags such as "pocevoto", "Esperanto" Why? To encourage the new influx of Esperanto speakers to explore the language, to think in Esperanto and to spread their love of the language. This idea is open to everyone and anyone. PoCeVoTo is a concept that is completely self guided. It has been modified from other sources like NaNoWriMo, which is an idea to write a 50,000 word novel during one November. You could, of course, write an Esperanto novel then and there - this concept is to challenge you to write a new Esperanto work that is less daunting in size and scope. I must also reference Simone Davis for her previous work in challenging people to write an 100 word Esperanto story in a week at 17 words per day. This is really an extrapolation of that. This is not a competition. There will be no checking of any work, nor comments made about spelling, grammar, use of Esperanto words - unless you specifically ask for them. This is a free, friendly and non-judgemental challenge. It is meant to be a supportive community of sharing, love, creativity and fun. I recognise that there are other outlets & competitions for new works of Esperanto literature - this one is deliberately free and open to all. Likewise, DO NOT HARASS recognised Esperanto teachers and experts into proof-reading your work. Discuss concepts and issues, and people are probably more than likely to give you a hand. This is really just a trial. I'd be more than happy if a dozen people give it a go. Please feel free to share the idea and concept. You can reference me if you like, but it is not necessary. At the end of the month, I'd love some feedback, as there are lots of aspects that could be tinkered with, such as: the name, the frequency, do we pair it with Esperanto Sumoo, does it become more formal, etc. It may sink completely!
  4. I'm late to this, but would like to join. Where is the list of £5 books on offer for this club? I know I have Surklifa..
  5. On a related note, I attended a local drama production of the play Accrington Pals, last night in Ellesmere, Shropshire. During the play, a pair of housewive characters are discussing the local Esperanto club, and its (fictitious) secretary, the wife of Alderman Dickenson.
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