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  1. I can see that some of the more recent back issues of LBE are available to read in the "Downloads" section of the site @Edmundo queried whether there was going to be an archive of older issues as well?
  2. @Edmundo commented that he is getting error messages when looking at the latest issue of Update. I just went to investigate and it downloaded/opened perfectly for me, without any error messages at all. What sort of errors are you getting, @Edmundo? Is anyone else having issues accessing Update?
  3. Clare

    Fallback font used

    It's fixed for me now Although in fairness, I hadn't noticed there was anything wrong with it when it was displaying Arial!
  4. Clare


  5. You wait for a launch and then two come at once! It's not only EAB's new site which has taken off this week. Over sixty years after the publication of the revered Teach Yourself Esperanto, its successor for the modern day, Complete Esperanto, has appeared on bookshelves on the High Street. The new book also happens to reside on the bookshelves in Barlaston, and to celebrate the release of a mainstream text book by a renowned publisher, EAB is offering it at a very special price of £20. That's half the recommended retail price. We don't know how long we're going to keep the price this low, so make sure to get your copy now from our brand new online bookshop!
  6. Following suggestions received from members over the course of several years, the trustees of EAB applied to the Charity Commission to revise the charitable object of EAB. The Charity Commission has approved the new wording and so the object of EAB reads now 'To advance education in and about the international language Esperanto and to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Esperanto for the educational benefit of the general public.' The original wording didn't have any wording which indicated responsibility for cultural heritage, the over 100 years of Esperanto literature held in the Butler Library, which members and the trustees believe is incumbent on EAB to protect. The new wording removes some superfluous wording which didn't obviously relate to measurable charitable activity. After considerable research and internal discussion, the trustees presented the revised wording in the AGM of 2017, after which followed a period of consultation with members for one year. Articles inviting feedback from members were published in Update 78 and 79 and the revised wording was subjected to AGM approval in 2018. Of the 53 votes submitted, 43 were FOR, 8 AGAINST and 2 ABSTAINED. The trustees subsequently submitted the proposed wording to the Charity Commission, who have approved and therefore officialised it with immediate effect.
  7. This is just testing to confirm that everything works. It's not a real account. You can add yours, though!
  8. Clare

    Clare Hunter

    Clare became an EAB trustee in 2009, when she was 25 years old. She serves as the Charity's Treasurer and in her daily life is a manager at one of the UK's largest accounting firms.
  9. Agreed that we need to employ a professional for something like this, even though the handyman has been really good at the other jobs he's done for us. We really don't want to take a risk with something like water coming through the ceiling! Sounds like you've exhausted all avenues for getting a second quote so happy to go along with the initial one.
  10. Agree that we should get a second quote, but in principle in favour of the multipanel option even if it's initially more expensive than re-tiling, because sounds like it could save problems in the long-term.
  11. Clare

    Room on the Broom -- in Esperanto!

    I have to say I still really don't like it But I agree that given the proximity of the date we just need to get promoting it now.
  12. Clare

    COVID-19: BK2020 and AGM

    It would be better for the charity to have an independent solution anyway, rather than being dependent on any one individual and their house. Hoping some of the other quotes come back a bit cheaper!
  13. Clare

    COVID-19: BK2020 and AGM

    Wow, that's a lot more expensive than I imagined!!
  14. Clare

    EAB test event

    my event
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