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  1. Saluton Alexander     welcome to the Esperanto community.  Nice to see another member from Skotlando        

    1. Alexander Bewick

      Alexander Bewick

      Saluton, David. Dankon por la bonveno.

  2. Saluton Amikoj Rhys has kindly agreed to set a Skype group where we can all practice our new found Esperanto skills - I am a total beginner, but looking forward to any help I can get - It would be great if others could also volunteer to take part as the more we have the more we learn......give Rhys a ping so we can get things rolling Dankon Dave
  3. Saluton Rhys, Mark, Matio & Rico It's great to see this site gathering a bit of pace - you can see that with the number of people signing up daily. Rhys, I too am a komencanto and a bit out of my depth in full blown conversations. However it is amazing, how much you can pick up in such a short time. I am conscious though, that whilst my reading skills are getting on great - I've never had an opportunity to chat and have my pronunciation corrected. Keep falling into the trap of sounding vowels differently ie 'domo' with the 1st 'o' as in dog and the 2nd as in 'boat' - my mind knows what to say - but my mouth wants to say something else ! So I'm just going to jump in - I've booked a place on the Lernu session on 9th May. Might be worth setting your sites on that - gives you a few months to build up. Good luck, speak soon Dave
  4. Just downloaded the 1st book. Love the format - the note section after each lesson is easy to understand. To have these available free is an absolute bonus. Thanks EAB
  5. Hi David,

    I saw your comment about learning using the Elemento course. I probably should have bought this course as well but decided to try learning it using many of the other routes. Then after a few years of learning, I thought that maybe the Elemento course would be too basic for me for the most part. I'm probably wrong. I've found an expert to help me who lives in Germany. I email him my answers and he replies so then I can try to improve on my weaknesses. By the end of the book that I'm working on, I hope to be unofficially a level B1 or B2 or at least be able to write flawless esperanto!

    Anyway, I've definitely like to work with you if I can. If anything, working together will help to consolidate what you have learned and what I have learned as well.

    I've got my own esperanto group set up on Skype. There are some top level C2s - most active guys are about level A2-B1. Please join - we just the channel to keep our esperanto ticking over really like a chat-room. I own the room and won't allow any arguments and the like so you will have no worries. Please feel free to join: we can use this as a platform if you need help with any esperanto - you can expect a response back within 1 hours tops!! Every word is in esperanto though as some members don't speak any english so its not fair if all start talking our own language: krokodili :)

    Please join and participate: https://join.skype.com/l4nKgo1asyx8

    Espereble, Matio

    1. david petrie

      david petrie

      Dankon Matio    

      I will definitely join in with your Skype group, thanks for the invite.  I am still very much at the beginner level - but any help I can get is appreciated.





  6. Saluton again. Sent off answers for the 1st chapter of the 'Elementary'course and got a prompt response from my tutor. It took me a while to get to that point as I was busy at work, but the tutor was understanding. In the interim I have also been reading the old short book 'The Esperanto Teacher' available from this site. I actually really like this one - as it easily nailed a couple of aspects I was unclear about .....such as the use of 'n' to distinguish the 'object' from the 'subject' and how this principle carries across all the words relating to the object. As with anything you are learning new, there is a learning curve and every time something starts to make sense, you open the next page to be greeted by a whole new batch of grammar that immediately sets you back. But I will not give up. I will keep you updated as I go....if you are also a Komencanto and still progressing, feel free to send me a message - it would be good to support each other through.......Dankon !
  7. Saluton I'm a recent convert to Esperanto and have tried a few routes to start. I was initially drawn to Lernu and was surprised how quickly I could recite a page of Esperanto. I purchased Complete Esperanto and have recently enrolled on the Elementary Course available from this site. It was initially a bit confusing, having 3 books open at the same time, but it's staring to come together now. For £30 it's a great course, 3 books plus access to online files and audio.....and a personal tutor ! I will check back later to tell you how I'm getting on......cheers
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