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  1. Rico

    Esperanto Open Day

    Have you heard of Esperanto but are not quite sure what the fuss is all about? Are you intrigued by the international language and want to know a bit more about it? Or perhaps you've started to learn it on Duolingo or Lernu.net? Whatever the case, if you have questions on Esperanto and want to learn more, come along and ask away. Oh, and share a coffee and a cake with us, of course.
  2. "Ju pli mi lernas, des pli klare mi komprenas ke mi ne multe scias..." Sokrato diris: "Mi scias nur, ke mi ne scias. Sciplenulo estas nur la homo, kiu scias ke li/ŝi ne scias; ne la homo, kiu iluziiĝas pri sia scio kaj pro tio êc ne konas sian propran nescion" ?
  3. Faru kaj la ekzamenojn de EAB kaj la oficiale agnoskatajn ekzamenojn de KER! Fakte la EAB ekzamenoj helpos vin por la KER ekzamenoj!
  4. Jes, certe, @Tim Sed, ĉu vi ne jam priparolis tion en la pasinta eldono? Tamen, mi certe konsideros tion kiel eblan enhavon, ĉar ĉi tie vi priparolas la diferencajn kategoriojn, la rabaton por junuloj ktp do estas iom da novaĵoj. Dankon. ?
  5. Maurizio Giacometto is a recent member of EAB who learnt Esperanto in 2017 and quickly became an enthusiast. Surrounded by a great group of fellow 'newbies', as well as inspired by very good teachers and other Esperanto speakers, he successfully completed EAB correspondence and residential courses as well as exams and the CEFR language exam at level C1. As well as reading as many Esperanto books as possible, he likes to write little poems and short stories. An editor and small publisher in his professional life, Rico is very happy to be the new volunteer editor of EAB's bulletin, Update.
  6. Rico

    Kristnaska renkontiĝo Zamenhofa

    The monthly event of Reading & Berkshire Esperanto group, open to all Esperanto speakers or people interested in Esperanto. The meeting day also falls on the birthday of L L Zamenhof, so there will be more than one reason to celebrate: The impeding Christmas season, Zamenhof day. It's never too early to start celebrating... Come and joins us for this, our last event of the year.
  7. Dankon al Ed pro la tre interesa raporto pri la Kabea mistero!
  8. until
    The monthly event of Reading & Berkshire Esperanto Group, each month with a theme. This month we will be talking books! We'll be sharing opinions on books we've read, are reading or want to read. The meeting is taking place during the "55a Internacia Esperanto-Sumoo" (11th - 25th November), an event that occurs to encourage Esperanto speakers to read more books and so the theme this month could not be any different. Whether you are a member or an occasional visitor coming from further afield, we look forward to seeing you there! You can book your place, here: https://events.duolingo.com/events/details/duolingo-reading-esperanto-presents-coffee-cake-and-books-kafo-kuko-kaj-libroj#/
  9. Rico

    Day in Sheffield

    Dankon pro la aldonado de tiuj belaj fotoj. Ili partoprenigas nin virtuale al via renkontiĝo en Sheffield. Espereble multaj homoj ekscios pri S-ro Applebaum kaj pri Esperanto post vizito en tiu bela Sheffielda kafejo.
  10. Kiel mi jam diris: Ju pli da (bonaj) lerniloj, des pli da bonaj lernantoj. ?
  11. You've probably seen it before, but this is a great little online tool for beginners / quasi-beginners https://learn.esperanto.com/en/01/ It's available in several languages. 12 short lessons. Each lesson has a text, an audio file, a grammar clarification, vocabulary and 3 exercises. Based on the Zagreb method. Cute.
  12. Rico

    EAB launches new site

    The website's looking fab...
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