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  1. Hi Rhys, as well as the club in Nottingham which Mark runs, there is club meeting up in York every three months on a Saturday (next one in York is 20th June). I know York is further to travel but if you would like to make it a day out of it and just pop into the esperanto meeting while you are there, then that would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone as they say.

    Kind Regards,


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  2. Saluton Kashtanulo,

    Mi lernas esperanton ĉar mi demandis min, ĉu mi estas kapablanta lerni novan lingvon, meza aĝa viro !! Ordinara viro eĉ !! Komenci nun !! Kompreneble ĉu espero por mi tiam estas espero por esperanto kaj eĉ la mondo!!

    Vere, mi havas tre malgrandan apogon por helpi lerni esperanton kaj ne instruiston, sed vere mi ricevas pli helpon ol ĉu mi lernus la germanan au hispanan. Mi ne mensogas: Estas malfacila lerni sole. Ne estas multaj homoj kiuj plu parolas ĝin: Ni jam komprenas tion.

    Do kial mi daŭras - nu, kiel vi diris: estanta ion fari !!



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  3. Hi Tim

    To be honest I found Duolingo tedious after covering 3/4 of the full esperanto tree. Every now and then I go back to try to carry on. Personally more than anything I find the phone app (IOS) a real drag - to complete a single lesson you have to answer about 50 questions and to complete a Level would be around 50 * 5 = questions. Its an epic ride to complete the full tree!! 250 * 25 -ish levels --- thats a lot!!

    I'm currently part way through COMPLETE ESPERANTO by Tim Own and Judith Meyer - this includes much longer length real-life audio. Another good thing about the audio is that you can do is slow the play-back or speed it up if you really want to test yourself.

    I can't believe it but I actually gone back to using the Memrise app ( a bit like flash cards) because its easy and all the lessons are in smaller chunks so I can fit this much more easily if I don't have much time or feeling tired for example.

    I'm also part way through Karlo by Edmond Privat (Facila Legolibro) - each chapter is a step up after the one before. Its a push to get through but I have an onklino friend from edukado.net who helps me through each chapter. As a reward for eventually reading the book, she's going to send me a copy of William Auld's new PAŜOJ AL PLENA POSEDO. The sooner I get to that level the better.

    I tried lernu.net but ran out of motivation by chapter 10 and as a complete beginner I didn't know where or how to start with lerni !! I guess thats another story bu I'm ok now of course.

    Mostly on a social front, I had been arranging Skype meetings for practice live conversation / activities / even lessons at one point. Thats slowed down now but hope to pick that up again once I'm about half way through the new EAB book :)

    So basically, the above is how I keep going :)



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