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    children's group

    Why does there seem to be not much for children?. Like youth groups and after school groups(for Esperanto)?. It makes me think that to keep a language going you need to tech the next generation. We have in the UK languages clubs like French and Spanish. And if you dig it up a bit more Saturday schools. And taught in schools (with exams).Would not be surprised if there was a holiday school. Although you should let them naturally get into interested in Esperanto. Is it because there is not many people, who would want to help with something like that? Or financing it all and paperwork? Or demand? If there was something like that you could teach them along the lines of Equality and Diversity, Cultures, Looking after the environment, ect.😀
  2. Oh good someone else has asked. I have been wondering about that. And the publishing book bit was good too. And with translating, that helps me understand why it may take a while. And children books are good. I think if you are a parent or a role model for a child(ren). And you are learning esperanto the child(dren) might get curious. Might get a language partner!!
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