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Esperanto's Special Letters

An introduction to Esperanto's alphabet and how to type its special characters

Familiar yet different

Esperanto uses the Latin alphabet, as English does. Its alphabet contains 28 letters, six of which are unique to it: Ĉ, Ĝ, Ĥ, Ĵ, Ŝ and Ŭ.

Typing Esperanto's special letters

It's easier than you think!

Typing Esperanto's letters is easy if you know how, especially if you're on a mobile device: Android | iOS

You can easily install software on Windows, Mac and Linux which will enable you to type those letters from your keyboard.


“What if I can't install software?”

Solution 1: Use an alternative alphabet

There might be times when you can't install software, such as when you're at work. That's not a problem. People have been using surrogate alphabets since Esperanto's early days, so you could use one of them.

Solution 2: Convert as you type

Even better, though, is to type into the text box on this page using the x-system and then copy your text to your clipboard.

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