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An easy-to-install Esperanto keyboard

If you're using Windows, then entering Esperanto's special letters is as easy as remembering to press X every time you want one to appear, thanks to a free virtual keyboard called Tajpi, programmed by British Esperanto speaker Tom James. This is such a simple and small program that installation takes seconds and then you're off to the races.

There are a few configurations you can choose from so we've recorded this quick video to show you how to set it up so that all you need to do is press X after certain letters to add the accents to them.


What if I can't install software?

An alternative to Tajpi

Sometimes Tajpi might not be an option because, say, you're using a PC at work. Is that a cause for despair? No, not at all.

There are programmes which allow you to type into text fields and then click a button to add the accented characters, such as TypeIt. Then all you have to do is copy and paste.

EAB proposes an even better solution, since you don't have to jump from your keyboard to your mouse and back again every time you need to add a special letter. On this site the x-system will always generate the accented character, so simply use the text field in our Iksumilo and press the copy button once you're finished. All you have to do then is paste.

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