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Finding other people who speak Esperanto has never been easier!

Find other people easily!

Looking for someone to speak Esperanto with? It's never been easier to find them!

Scroll down to see how you can find other people who speak Esperanto!

  • Our Member Map

    You can find members of this site and local groups in your area on our Member Map. Don't forget to add yourself!

    Member Map
  • Amikumu

    Find the nearest 100 Esperanto speakers to you, wherever you are in the world, with the free app Amikumu. It's great for when you're heading overseas and feel like meeting local people! Amikumu was developed by prominent Esperanto speakers and sponsored by the Esperanto Association of Britain.

    Android iOS Read More
  • Site Members Near You

    If you've entered your location on your profile, you'll be able to select the option to show "Members Near Me" after you've clicked the link below. Other members who have provided their location will be listed, those nearest to you coming first.

    Member List
  • La Esperantista Mondmapo

    There's an international equivalent to our Member Map and it's useful for being able to follow people from all over the world, since users' profiles include their different accounts across social media. Great!

  • Pasporta Servo

    Heading abroad and looking for somewhere to stay? Pasporta Servo is a directory of Esperanto speakers willing to let other Esperanto speakers stay in their homes for little or no charge.

    Pasporta Servo
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