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Join the Esperanto Association of Britain!

Show your support for our work by joining the Esperanto Association of Britain!

Membership costs £25 per year, for which you will receive two copies of La Brita Esperantisto – our full-colour Esperanto-only magazine, at least 40 pages long but often more  – and four issues of Update – our quarterly newsletter. You will also have the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting, at which the trustees are appointed.

When you sign up you will be able to specify how you wish to receive the periodicals: you can have them on paper, as PDF files or both. We offer a subsidised membership rate of £20 for those unable to pay the full rate.

The site will send you a reminder each year when your membership is due for renewal. If you've chosen to keep a payment card on file, that notification will inform you that the site will soon attempt to take payment automatically. To cancel that, simply remove any cards stored at this link or reply to the reminder when it arrives to tell us to cancel the automatic payment. (The reminder gives you all this information, plus a link to remove the card details yourself: it's not something you have to commit to memory in advance!)


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