EAB News 2000-06-21: EAB NetNews Bulletin

EAB NetNews 1 - June 2000

Dear Friends,

This is a first try at a mailing out to all those of our members for whom we have email addresses. Some of these addresses are bound to be wrong and they will bounce back to us for us to correct!

The announcement in the last issue of EAB-Update that the first issue of NetNews had already gone out was incorrect.

By now, the first mailing of LA ONDO de ESPERANTO should have reached our full members. Mine has so far not arrived. I would be grateful if you could email me if you have received it and give me the approximate date that you received it.

This is more or less a test transmission. You don't need to reply if you have received it (except to tell me you received ONDO. But if you do not wish to receive NetNews in future then please let me know.

Eric Walker (Hon. Sec.)

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