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We want our site to be a positive experience for the people using it, whether they're Esperanto veterans or new learners taking their first steps. We've set out pages for you to help you find a way of learning Esperanto which fits your needs, provide resources which should come in handy, and have features where you can join specialist groups and speak with other learners and experienced people alike.

Please bear in mind that it is often dispiriting and sometimes rude to correct people without being asked to, even if you do it with the best of intentions. We've built a feature which allows our users to indicate in their posts whether they're happy to be corrected. If they're not, please be respectful of their preference.

We wish this to be a pleasant and safe space for our users. With this in mind, we won't tolerate behaviour which crosses the line into abuse, harassment, intimidation or fear. Each user-posted content item contains a report link, which will allow you to inform us of content which breaks our rules. If your post content, signatures, profile images, etc are disruptive and negatively impact our clients' enjoyment of our community, we may ask you to refrain from such actions or revoke your access to this community.

People from all around the world are free to access the site and read content posted on it, though we ask you to remember that our responsibilities are for people living in the UK and for British people living overseas. This isn't the place for discussing other Esperanto associations' business or speaking in languages other than English or Esperanto. You don't have to be a member of the Esperanto Association of Britain to post here.

General rules and guidelines

Here are some general rules and guidelines we expect every user on our site to follow. 

No user can post any content which is:

  • knowingly false or inaccurate
  • hateful, defamatory or abusive
  • intended to bring the Esperanto Association of Britain into disrepute
  • extremely vulgar or profane
  • threatening or invasive of a person's privacy
  • sexually oriented
  • spam

We will remove content which is in violation of these rules and guidelines. Users who post such content may receive warnings or be banned from the site.

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